Feb 07, 2020

IREX 2019: All you need to know about commercial real estate plus more!

IREX 2019 is the new industry's professional event covering key categories of commercial real estate including office, warehouse, hotel, manufacture, multifunctional facilities as well as residential stock.

On October 22 -23, at Crocus Expo, our Exhibition and Forum will showcase newest projects and ideas to 1,500 visiting industry professionals; connect key market players to unveil trends and opportunities that are to form cities and structures. IREX 2019 is a live digest of the industry's assets. Projects today, reality tomorrow!

Participating in IREX 2019 are market drivers like NAI Becar, GVA Sawyer, IPG Estate, Otkritie Bank, Realty.Yandex.ru, Avito.Nedvizhimost, OMK Service. Latest news, breaking ideas and effective partnerships will be at hand for those seeking opportunities that work.

IREX is the ultimate destination for anyone planning strategic investments; finance and investment companies, landlords and tenants, consulting and development bureaus, manufacturing and retail hubs, as well as for any city/territorial structures.

All visitors will have a chance to upgrade their knowledge of commercial and residential estate today and plan effectively for tomorrow basing on our most updated information and perspectives coming from our participants.

Besides that, IREX will consolidate the most up-to-date arch and design projects and innovations, and encourage professionals  – from private start-up businesses to city structures – to network with the industry leaders at our massive 2-day Conference in order to expand territories and to ensure growth to new heights.

The Conference will provide project presentations, insights, case discussions, and master classes. Focuses include local investment climate and perspectives, construction and development technologies, re-development and 'City of the Future' sessions as well as discussions by category. Speakers come from top global players like Accor New East Europe, Becar Asset Management, Capital Group, Cushman & Wakefield, GVA Sawyer, Hilton Worldwide, ILM, InterContinental, Jensen Group, Raven Russia, Otkritie Bank, Hals-Development, Strelka KB. Online services will be available to help put together individual visiting schedules. 

A great bonus opportunity not to miss: next to IREX at Crocus Expo, the Arenda Forum retail real estate show will take place. This event brings together 1,000+ industry professionals annually to find and share solutions for growing trade businesses across and beyond Russia.