Russia's SOK opens Tel Aviv co-working space

Feb 18, 2020

Russia's international co-working office space company SOK has opened a 3,000 square meter shared workspace facility in Tel Aviv's Nitsba Tower with more than 500 work stations. SOK says the office workspace has a special eco-friendly design to provide its 500 tenants with the best conditions for productive work.

The company says that the project's architects have paid special attention to the issue of sound insulation in the workspace to provide tenants with the best conditions for productive work. SOK adds that the new facility is the first eco-friendly co-working space in the world based on the Global green standard - LEED.

SOK's name is an acronym for Service, Office, Knowledge, which the company says reflects its concept of smart comfortable workspaces for all tenants, regardless of whether they are corporate clients, startups or freelancers. SOK strives to make its workplace comfortable, environmentally friendly and ergonomic.

A permanent workplace in SOK's smart office costs NIS 1,700 per month, and shared spaces cost tenants only NIS 400 NIS a month. SOK tenants receive the right to use electric scooters in Tel Aviv and also the services of company offices in Russia for free and vice versa.

SOK Israel managing director Alexey Barafanov said, We understand the specifics of the local market. There are many interesting projects and worthy teams that create spaces for coworking. One talks about the community, another about technology. All these are important factors for the development of the market, and our product also takes these into account. But first of all, we decided to concentrate on basic things and caring for the individual tenant. There are many startups and international companies here. Advanced projects and technologies are being created in Israel, and people spend a lot of time at work, and we want to create the most comfortable and eco friendly environment for them. Because of this we found the LEED Standard. This is only our first project in Israel and with each next project we plan to raise the standard by introducing new solutions."

SOK opened its first office in 2018 in Moscow. Today, the network includes five smart coworking offices in the leading business centers of Moscow with a total area of 33,664 square meters. Within three years, SOK plans to launch five more projects in Israel with a total area of more than 20,000 square meters.